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Cleanse your body of parasites

Parasite in the gut
Parasites are generally much smaller than their host; both are special cases of consumer-resource interactions. Every human being on the face of this planet has parasites!

The war is not to get rid of them all but to control all the bad parasites that may grow in your gut. Sushi eaters are said to be definite carriers of parasite as one bite of sushi is packed with tons of parasites. Having pets, touching public surfaces, drinking untreated water and eating publicly prepared food; are just a few ways to pick up parasites.

Papaya Seeds
To get these little critters under control is not impossible or accessible. The tasty Papaya we all love to eat may contain the  leading remedy for parasites. The remedy doesn't lie in the tasty papaya but the beautiful black seed we normally throw away. You can fill your palm with papaya seeds and swallow them whole as the have a pretty gnarly taste when chewed. I have found a easy way to swallow them; grind half the papaya seeds and use a half of that in your favorite smoothie. Drink up! And feel the effects of natures remedy in your body.
Cheers to a healthier you! 


  1. I watch that tv show called Monsters Inside Me which has really got me paranoid of parasites. It's nice to know papaya helps aid in keeping them under control. I will definitely start eating more papaya. Is it regular papaya or would dried papaya work too?

  2. Well it's not the papaya so much as the seeds. You can grind the seeds or swallow them whole. As long as you get it down. :)



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